Blog rations

I have rationed myself to no more than two posts a day. There is so much I want to share that I feel tempted just to dump my backlog and drown my nonexistent readers in a verbal flood. I will instead parcel it out slowly, savoring the taste of the words before I dispense them.

I am building a Reader’s Garden in Cybrary City II. I will have a way for readers to plant flowers with information about books that interest them. (How I will do this, I don’t know. I always come up with plans for things before I figure out if they’re possible or not.) It will also have areas where like-minded readers can gather in small groups just to talk about their favorite books, and a larger area where readers can have book discussions, or poets can give readings, or…whatever. I don’t want to limit the potential for this area.

The Princess has gone Prim Crazy, buying two more plots in Kush with my grudging consent. My focus is on the Reader’s Garden right now. She is building sky boxes for people to rent over our original plot. I had her asking me questions about fences at 4am. The woman is more obsessed than I am.


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