Alphonsus, who also goes under the name of Steve in less interesting worlds.

Alphonsus, who also goes under the name of Steve in less interesting worlds.

This is the writing place for Steve, who works under an avatar by then name of Alphonsus Peck. I am a kinda published author who would like to be a more published author one of these days.  I have and undergraduate degree in computer science, and a graduate degree in library science.  Science, Humor, and Philosophy are passions of mine, and I could play with the concepts within Religion endlessly.  I’ve developed personal theories on quantum mechanics, developed a theory between the relationship between the speed of light and the size of the universe, and have created my own religion, of which I am the only follower.  I’ve written treaties explaining exactly why Descartes was wrong.  And, since no one will listen to me in ANY of the above categories because I have absolutely NO credentials, I can pretend that I’m right and pat myself on the back for weeks at a time.

I am married with two children.  My wife is sweet and bat-shit crazy.  I also have a healthy measure of insanity, which gives my stories an interesting quirk.  I have, in the past, dabbled as an artist and a musical composer, although I can play no instrument other than the kazzoo.  I like to read and to numb my brain on video games.  It has been theorized that I have attention problems, but the sun averages about 93,000,000 miles away from the earth.  Isn’t that interesting?

I like helping people and imparting on people whatever I’ve deemed to be wisdom that I’ve picked up in my 46 years on this planet.  I live in SE Michigan, and hate the fucking snow!  As a rule, sports bore me to tears, as do car engines, but I am in no way gay!  Pizza is the food of the gods, and I have an unaturally large collection of stuffed frogs about my office.  I work as an administrator in a mid-sized library system in suburban Detroit.  I am also bald, and am having some difficulty recovering from the trama of it.

Any more questions?  Ask me.  I’ll either give you a correct answer or I’ll make one up.  You may or may not be able to tell the difference.  No promises.


One thought on “About

  1. well, your blogcatalog “introduce yourself and your blog here” description was hilarious, so i checked you out. glad i did. i look for minds like yours here, there and everywhere. i like to think i´ve got one like it locked away in the recesses of what i know to be my brain. i´m logged in here as always tilting.wordpress, but i only posted a couple trial posts here, as i was just interested to see how an actual blog (other than blogger) worked. i didn´t feel like buying the domain or the right to save the css changes, so, i´ll be over at blogspot indefinitely. i´m nothing original, or really creative. as a matter of fact you may even find my posts offensive, as they´re generally political opinion and commentary from a conservative point of view, and i see you´re from se michigan, which could possibly mean ann arbor or in the viscinity thereof (i once lived in jackson for a 2-year stint). but, if you care to check it out (don´t feel the least bit obligated) i´m at http://alwaystilting.blogspot.com/. either way, i´ll be listing you under my “cool type blogs” category on the site. feel free to impart whatever you deem to be wisdom anytime.

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