daydream-1I’m certain that some of you will recognize that this is written to the tune of Time by Pink Floyd from Dark Side of the Moon.  For those of you who don’t know the song, I’m interested to hear your impressions of it as raw poetry.  I can’t read it without the rhythm going through my head.



Quoting all day from the writing that pretends to be reason
Blinding the eyes with the muck and the lies there within
Building up rules with invisible tools from your home schools
Casting out doubt and the skeptical shout as the symptoms of sin

Happy basking in the blissful
Ignorance is such a joy
You are right and they are wrong
And in your faith they can’t annoy
And yet one day you find
Most the world is laughing at you
You were aiming with your guns
Not knowing you were blind

The arrogant truth with intelligent proof has ignored you
Reality goes without hearing a word that you say
Your fantasy world, with its circular curls dims the clear view
May crumble and expose eyes to the sharp truth of day

The dance of life has gone without you
So much beauty you have missed
Playing with the phantom faeries
In the truth obscuring mist
Knowing truths and building reasons is the faithful thinker’s way
The book is wrong
The fight was over
Well before you had your say.


One thought on “Mist

  1. Very interesting lyrics — I think I am going to have to read them a few times == but I really like them so far=- and I LOVE that beautiful image in the clouds you posted at the top of this blog.

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