Reemergence of Hope

live.pgI  remember being young and full of youth and sprite
And every day I woke up and burst out to the light
And all my dreams and complex schemes to stand on top the world
And every thought a new soul bought to brace a life unfurled

Yet even then the fear of when we show ourselves to be
a non-superstar-istic oh so humanistic vulnerable imperfect being
To be average means so little yet to be normal means so much
Our hands just flesh and bone with no Midas gilded touch

And as the years go past, we fight to hold on to those dreams
but dreams are schemes that reality deems to push off as extremes
and we go along watching death of song begin to rule our lives
and the struggle just to live on must take over all our drives

And then we realize what we lost, and before we give all away
we fight for something we know not what for we know we cannot stay
so afraid of losing all that we forget to give
or so afraid of dying that we forget to live


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