The Storyteller, Part II

storyteller_8286_image1_lWell, I decided to put out another request for topics.  People have seen my writing style now, and should have a reasonable idea of what they might expect.  I hope to break this expectation by being totally weird, but if your expecting weird, I’m not sure what I can do.  I just can’t really “do” normal.  It’s not in me.  Everything I wrote last time had some science fiction or fantasy element to it.  I like playing “what if” games, and that’s just the way the stories come out.  Maybe I’ll try writing straight fiction as a challenge to myself.  Maybe I won’t.

So, bring on the topics.  Outlandish and impossible topics are my specialty.  I’m not sure what order I will deliver the finished writing products, or how long delivery will take.  But deliver I will.  I really enjoyed the challenge that some of the topics brought me last time.

So, give me a hand and give me some ideas.  I thank you for your support.

Alphonsus / Steve


2 thoughts on “The Storyteller, Part II

  1. Well ……. how ’bout a story somehow involving an Aurora Borealis. 🙂 ….. and some cats. (grins)

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. What if your avatar is real, and what we call First Life, Real Life, or The Actual World, is really just a game your avatar plays when he is bored? Turn the tables, so to speak. Alphonsus and SL are your Real Life, and he plays a game called First Life with a persona named Steve.

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