Building in the skies again. (plus another writing entry)

Yes, it’s true. I’ve began building again in earnest. Princess put up a sky platform over Peck’s Retreat, and on of the first things I decided to do was to build my own conservatory / workshop. Since I’m in a land where steampunk is acceptable, I decided to build things along those lines. My first construct, therefore, I call Peck Conservatory 1, and floats in the sky next to Princess’s platform. It employs two continuously turning wind screws to keep her afloat, a fan for air conditioning and positive air pressurization, and a dilating steam door for access. I’ve found it to be a marvelous work space, and what it lacks in width (the platform inside is only six meters wide), it more than makes up for in length (the construct is more than 30 meters long). I’m getting ready to put the thing for sale on XStreet SL, although I may need to add some details to make it more salable. The length is a bit too ungainly and from end to end is more than 32 meters. The door currently is set only to open to group members and has no lock/unlock options, and the screws and steam are “always on.” It might be good to have a feature by which they can be turned off.

I’ve also begun work on a steam powered Cataporter, but the look at the moment is not quite to my liking. A lot of work remains to be done on this project.

Lastly, I have uploaded an antry on Wren’s behalf (she requested something about a seed) to Alphonsus’s Written Word. The work is something older of mine that vaguely fit the theme, and is called Pregenesis. Please check it out.


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