I am proud to announce the release of Cataporter 3.0, which overcomes the problems with the Havoc 4 physics engine and once again allows avatars to fling themselves willy-nilly across the grid.

I’m SOOOO happy!
It seems that there WAS a change in SL physics with the new engine.  In Havoc 4, it is true that an object in motion tends to remain in motion.  However, it seems that an avatar in motion tends to instantaniously stop its motion when detached from the object, and fall flat to the ground.  Since the object disapeared within 0.5 seconds, this falling tended to happend distressingly close to the Cataporter itself.
The fix was obvious once I realized that this was happening.  Now the object (called a toss-about), stays invisible yet fixed to the avatar throughout the flight.  The flight is now a bit more chaotic, as the avatar spins through the air, but the landing can be a bit more unpredictable.  It can result in a bounce, a roll, or a simple stand, depending on a number of unpredictable factors.  The “splat” can still happen, but not quite as frequently.
Anyway, I have it back on XStreet SL,(  I would still like to make a few more tweeks (making it easier to program in coordinates across sim borders, for example), but that can wait for version 3.1.
So, I’m happy, and I’m sure that the SL will be beating down my door as soon as I start my advertising campaign again.  I’m going to have to go through and give fresh copies to all my previous customers (that shouldn’t be TOO hard).
But, it’s back.
/me sighs happily.

4 thoughts on “The CAT is BACK

  1. :)))if there is an object attached to the avatar through the whole journey, can you detect the impact with the ground and, with particles, raise a cloud of dust?

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