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Ok, I admit that I haven’t been posting as much lately. My inspiration for my blogs have been uninspiring. Everwind, however, is done. I shan’t bring it up again no matter what happens next.

I feel like I spend the majority of my time talking about Triskele in my posts lately, and I do apologize for this to my non-Triskelian readers. It’s just kinda where my brain is right now. My duties there are already backing up. It’s been a bad week for me for in world activities. I’m hoping this week is better, or at least I’m more motivated.

I once mentioned that I had no dreams anymore. I now realize that this was not true. It’s just that the dreams I had for my life seemed so simple and unspectacular that I didn’t even notice them. Well, I’m now beginning to wonder if even these simple dreams will ever come true.

Oh well. No grousing. I have a cleric’s meeting tomorrow at 5pm SL, and maybe a Council meeting at 6:30. I not a Council meeting, I want to talk cleric spells over with Winkie.

I want to hammer out the rest of our gods, and get them good and solid. We can tweak later if we need to, but lets start building from a solid draft. And I need a building. Even a temporary one would be nice.

Triskele had a pretty decent RP tonight…the first full fledged one that I participated in. The drow queen captured the Queens Council and a dragon. There was a furious battle, but we got them back, and the drow queen was bound and brought into custody. I was the one responsible for healing her wounds and getting her cleaned up. (At least I appointed someone else to do it). Cavity searches also needed to take place. I wasn’t part of those, other than ordering that they happen. The drow queen was pretty cool about the whole thing. I like her.

Overall, she was treated, if not comfortably, then fairly. I treated a number of other minor wounds, including Malakyte who managed to get a number of arrows pumped into her in the last skirmish of the evening.

Hestia kicked me out of Faeria yesterday. She wanted to play, her computer wasn’t working, and she said that I was “boring”. I guess I am compared to her, but then not many people can compare to her when it comes to stirring things up. I still was able to listen to PHC while she played, but I felt dethroned. I’m gonna need to get revenge on that little imp.

Very tired, as usual. Good night, all. Fair thee well, and may all of your dreams come true. Warm hugs.


4 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. Dreams evolve too – and sometimes a better or more important dream comes along to make you realize that the dreams you had are not that important.And sometimes, along the way, little dreams you did not realize where there pop up and make you smile – like my opening a gallery with Wildstar this weekend. It was something that had been suggested to me before, and something I had thought about, but when I actually saw it start to come to life I realized that it was something I had wanted for a log time, but was too busy with other things to think about it much.Don’t give up on those little dreams – they might just pop out and come true on you when you least expect it – especially after you forget that they were there. 🙂btw… how goes the painting?

  2. Oh so you know i also posted this on the Triskele forum. I have been working on the history of Thuban and found that the history of the gods fit very easily into this also. When i get in world i will send you a copy for discussion. I already put Parlamay in it so Wren will need to see it also, but dont have Odin yet. I wanted to do some research and check with you first.

  3. Go easy on Hestia. She’s the baby of the family and it’s a big family, so she has had to develop her own way of getting noticed. Unfortunately, it means she can be a bit of a brat! But she can switch to sweet just as quickly, and she is always fun to have around!Princess Ivory

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