An Oddly Mixed Day

I spent this day with a relatively good mood. My mind felt sharp, my thoughts were clear. I got plenty of sleep the night before, and I felt rested and at peace with myself.

Yet, as with virtually every day, I found myself being very unproductive.

I did manage to have my cleric’s meeting in Triskele tonight, and that went quite well even though only 3 people were able to attend. The queen finally announced my promotion to the realm, which felt good.

The King and Queen of Everwind banned me from the Everwind forum sometime last night or today. I am truly honored. I’ve never been banned from anything before. I feel so…naughty! /me giggles. I might even be banned from the physical grounds. Despite how exciting this would be, it would be disingenuous for me to find out as I already made it a practice never to step on the land again.

I have a long in-world to do list, but it seems to be getting done in the few moments I am able to spend online. I am quite relaxed now, having found that my little tussle with Grace and Slip actually improved my general disposition. Safe paths, everyone. And, as always, hugs to anyone who wants or needs one.


4 thoughts on “An Oddly Mixed Day

  1. Addition to the lengthy in-world task list:***Terraform the land in front of your shop for my buried sidewalk. I assure you, neither you nor Mykly want to have to clean up the results if I do it! Why do I have so much trouble with it? The button says “smooth” so I smooth. And end up with craters and bumps everywhere. That is NOT smooth.**We need to work something out so I can fix those textures upstairs. I don’t know why I can’t. I am supposed to be able to edit your stuff. I don’t think that always works right.Princess Ivory

  2. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Dont worry, things will work out. I know it can all be very overwhelming from time to time.I am here to support you as much as i can.I must also say that i have gotten approval from SnowBlind for the Thubanism document i sent you. I will send you the final draft, appropriately named to be added to the other religions.Hmm.. perhaps we should chat sometime and figure out some evil religions.. or do you want those who apply as evil clerics to create them?I do have a question. As Leader of faith for my own religion i do have some quests to think up.. but also do i get to think up spells too?

  3. Princess I share mod rights with Alpha for texturing purposes, I do the textures and she does the Prims.And I have recently run into problem with similar thing even when prims are full permissions. I can texture entire piece but I cannot edit individual parts of the prims.I have no clue why. Yet when I make copies I can edit individual parts of it.Alphonsus, I am glad things are working out. I was concerned about you because I know you really enjoyed being a Cleric in Evergreen. I am glad you’ve been able to move on.

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