News flash: Head Cleric of Triskele steps down

Bri, the Head Cleric of Triskele, has resigned his role. At least that is how it was left this evening. I don’t want to reveal too much here, but it sounds as if he would not be welcome back even if he tried. Stranger things have happened though when tempers cool.

The explosion happened over a new direction that the guild was given. Bri hated the idea, and I expect told the king exactly that in so many words. The new idea, I feel, needs some tweaking, but I think it has a basis from which we can build from.

Anyway, this leaves me with a decision to make. Do I step up to take the Head position? I’m pretty sure I would be welcomed if I do.

I was originally interested in the Head Cleric position. Bri seemed very interested in keeping the position, and was working to move things forward. Things were admittedly moving slowly, but then, there is a lot to do…

And I am not always Mr. Reliable and Speedy. It took a considerable number of pokes to get me to finish that shop. I had a great time building it, but I am often quite happy to sit back and let events take me where they will. I’ve taken on some large roles in the past, and have occassionally dropped the ball. Plus, my home life does not always make it easy to be in-world. Plus there are days when I just want to kick my feet up and diddle with the XBox. There are times when turning the brain off has a very high priority.

And no one in Second Life would know it, but I can be so damned shy sometimes. I’m afraid to approach people, and sometimes I think my shyness is taken for aloofness. Combine my shyness and my poor memory together, and it adds up to something pretty pathetic.

But then, it sounds like a challenge and potentially a lot of fun.


I’ll probably end up doing it, but, to be honest, it’s scaring the hell out of me.

Goodnight, and Good News.


2 thoughts on “News flash: Head Cleric of Triskele steps down

  1. Well Alphonsus, i think you are a good choice for the job if you do choose to do it. I am very curious what the arguement was about but if you are so inclined we can talk about it in world.I really need to finish the stuff on Thubanism and show you what i have. I want to combine the ideas of both the Moon and the Sun dragons into this since the belief will be for all dragons.Best of luck on your new role. See you in world some time.

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