[RL]Happy Birthday to me.


I’ve had better birthdays. My mother got my age wrong. (Just a year off, but still). I insisted that my wife go to book club tonight, and I didn’t even go in-world to talk to any of my friends. I had to work today and had two meetings. I’ll admit that my Disaster Preparedness committee meeting went really well. The group of people I selected for the committee are generally classified as “misfits.” Nevertheless, the group mix is right and we get to talk about how to survive the worst, which puts things in perspective. Discussing the possibility of having toxic spills outside our doors makes Circulations’ inability to deliver magazines to the third floor seem rather inconsequential. Paranoia is encouraged, and our occasional diversions into bubonic plague and locusts do a lot to lighten the mood. Amazingly, Disaster Prep. is by far the most enjoyable committee I run. Who’d a thunk it?

Anyway, I ended up home alone eating a pizza roll while playing a game on the Xbox, and I have to say it wasn’t really as fun as it sounds. We’ve just decided to celebrate my birthday on a different day. I’ll survive.

I got extra sleep yesterday, but it still didn’t help much this morning and I ended up getting up an hour after my alarm went off. This left me no SL time, so no work/play got done that I wanted to get done.

[SL]One of my first priorities for Triskele is going to have to be developing a cleric hud. The basics of the hud are simple. What I’d like though is some way to add particle effects to the spells. Particle effects are not easy–at least I’ve never found them to be–and even the simple ones I need for these spells intimidate me. On the other hand, if I do manage to perfect these particle spells, it will open a whole new particle based world for me. The other thing I have to worry about is making sure that the hud interacts with the Triskele meter, but I would bet that those protocols are rather standard. I shan’t worry about them overly muchly.

I still have to contact the guard leader so I can get the festival set up. Tomorrow is another day.

Another post where I end with the words, “I’m tired.” Birthday congratulations are not expected but will be gratefully accepted. Birthday hugs for those that need extra special hugs today. Good e’en.


6 thoughts on “Fourty-Five

  1. Happy Birthday!!!Is your Birthday really on the 9th? Yesterday (the 9th) was my daughters 17th birthday – I took her out to our favorite little Mexican restaurant.I generally don’t care for my birthday and try very hard not to celebrate, but I must admit that last year was fun – when Alpha used me as the first giant billboard over Nakji and a bunch of us danced in my cleavage. 🙂But birthdays I think are more about the mother – she is the one who should celebrate – it’s the day she nearly ripped herself in half getting rid of all the dead weight that was you… Finally she could stand upright again, and wear normal clothes… and was then rewarded by having to start changing you diapers. :))

  2. I’m sorry Alphonsus for missing your birthday. I have no real excuse either because i meant to and allowed myself to be distracted. So here is a belated Happy Birthday. *Hugs!*By the way what day will you be celebrating it?

  3. Happy belated birthday. I relate because as I get older it seems likemost of my birthdays these days are sort of similar.It just not the big deal it use to be or perhaps those around me don’t make it big deal.

  4. Happy Birthday Alphonsus!!-May your Disaster Prep. committee continue to be enjoyable and not disastrous.-May your pizza always be spiritually perfect.-May your Valkyries be brave an beautiful.-May your particles be perfect.-and may love and laughter find you in this year and many to come.Hugs, Wren

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