Headaches and not enough sleep

I’ve been staying up too late, and while I’m mostly fine, my animator has been having a tough time of it. So I decided to turn in a little early tonight. He needs to get his eight hours a night, and I’m selfish to try to keep him from this. We both do better when he gets enough sleep. So I get to spend more time with the dust buggies in the servers. I’m not at all resentful, except when I am.

Because my animator had choir I barely had any time to spend in world at all this evening. I planned to spend some time updating my festival to make it more Castan friendly, but Bri caught me to show me the progress on the new cleric’s tower. I had a headache and I finally had to peace out and lie down. I’ll finish the rewrite in the morning.

Odin, as has been said, is a complex god with a lot of rich history. Whether he is a good guy or a bad guy is theoretically up in the air. Fortunately, I’m too worried about creating a historically accurate Odin. I do plan do research him heavily (I have to remember to check to see if the library has a book), but I plan to use the information I learn to pick and choose the legends that turn Odin into the god I want him to be. I want an Odin that keeps my values and is fun in role-play. In other words, I’ll be using artistic license with him. And what’s more, I doubt that there is really going to be anyone out there who will say that my version of Odin is not an accurate version. If anyone does, tough cookies.

My animators ears are ringing worse than ever, and he finally got over what ever block he had and made an appointment with his doctor on Friday. Hopefully its just some wax that can be cleared with an aurel equivalent of a sand blaster. If not, well, hopefully there is some other way of dealing with it. The ringing is driving him nuts

I joined my first member to the guild today…I just wish there was a more complete pantheon to pass around. Oh well, the earth wasn’t created in a day, and it’s silly to expect the gods to be created in one also.

The fall of Everwind has created repercussions throughout the RP world of SL. The sudden influx of new members has revitalized several other RP sims. Grace sent out yet another “clarification” today that basically did nothing but reinforce my feelings toward her. She really doesn’t seem to get it, and just because you close a harsh statement with a 🙂 doesn’t make the statement any less harsh, at least sometimes.

Oh well. I just fell aslea with a laptop in my animator’s laap again. Very sleepy. Night night.


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