Sigh…The Head Cleric returns

I make this big grandios post about taking over has the head of Cleric’s Guild, and an hour later the current head makes an announcement about all the things she is doing. Oh well. Strike that last post. I’m going to see what I can do to help.

(It’s early, but Alphonsus wanders down to the pub for a mug of ale anyway.)


2 thoughts on “Sigh…The Head Cleric returns

  1. Hey dont feel too bad. You will be spared the hassels of managing all the religions and can concentrate on your own. Also if you need anything, feel free to call on me. *smiles* I am still a cleric at heart even if at the moment i am godless. Actually it has occurred to me that i could create my own dragon religion based on Soo’s document on Thubanism. The only catch to that in Everwind was that it had no god. But then to the current leader of the clerics that might not be a problem.

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