Well, I’ve decided on Triskele for now. I’m officially a member of the main group as well as the cleric’s group. I had to drop Humans of Everwind to make room, but that group was never really used anyway.

Grace posted something tonight on our “goodbye” forum posts, basically hinting that Everwind may come back in the future and inviting us to stay in the sim. You know, as far as I’m concerned she’s shown her true colors, although most of the realm doesn’t realize exactly what she said. I’d be willing to forgive her if I thought what she said was merely said in anger. But these seem to reflect her true feelings, and while I may forgive, I’m not going to forget. Triskele is new, and has a lot of potential. It is also much more relaxed, and many, many Everwinders have already set themselves up there. I talked to a Triskele resident…couldn’t meet a nicer guy. Said that the King and Queen are truly wonderful people, in SL and in RL. With enough people, Triskele can really come to life. It’s a little disorganized at the moment, (the Pantheon forgot to mention Castan!), but we’re getting some highly experienced people there. It will be straightened out in short order.

Princess went to bed early after PHC to recover from her wounds. (No, I did NOT punch her in revenge for the soap incident, and I am offended by the mere suggestion of it. Physical and emotional abuse is crude. I have much more devious punishments planed.)

I stayed up and talked philosophy with Mykyl until well after her bedtime. It was a very thought provoking evening.

Beyond that, it was a pretty uneventful day. Princess is on an “all shake” diet due to her damaged lip (I suggested soup, but you know, I guess you go with what gives you comfort). Prairie Home Companion was fun but I kept crashing so I ended up listening to a large part from Princess’s computer. I accomplished little of earth-shattering significance, but then that earth-shattering stuff usually causes about 5 or 6 billion people to die a rather violent death, so it’s best to avoid that kind of thing on a regular basis anyway.

Have a HAPPY New Year (don’t forget what I said in my last post. I mean it. Grrr.)


4 thoughts on “Triskele

  1. Hello. Hope you don’t mind a little comment and hello from a fellow Castanite… I was getting quite into my new role as an Acolyte of Castan in EW, so it’s nice to hear that you are moving to Triskele and I might bump into you again (despite the time zones). Let’s see what the future holds!

  2. Hah! How pleasant to “stumble upon” a comment about ME! I would be the “Triskele resident” who couldn’t be a nicer guy … (actually, I could, but … shhhh!)V/r,Matisse VendettaHaven of Triskele

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