Meditation Time

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Close your eyes. Sit in a comfortable position. If there is noise around you (or even if there isn’t), play some relaxing, meditative music.

Clean your mind. Wipe away the knowledge of the chaos of the world around you. Wipe away the chaos of your thoughts. Let the thoughts float out of your head and fall to the ground like water, soaking the earth and causing flowers to grow. Focus on your happy place: a beach, a brook, a forest, a special room you remember from child hood. Put your mind there.

Unclench your teeth. Smile.

Keep you breathing deep and regular.

Make tense and relax each limb or major muscle group of your body three times, holding the tension for at least five seconds before releasing it. Start at your toes and move up your body, leaving one set of muscles totally relaxed before moving on to the next set. End by squeezing your eyes shut three times, and ending with your body very relaxed.

Are your teeth still unclenched?

Are you still breathing deep and regular?


Wander around your happy place for a while. If any stray fears invade your place, let them manifest themselves, then will them away. Drown them in flowers. Make them swirl away in a cloud of lavender mist. Crumple them up like paper and toss them out of your mind. Use your imagination. You are in control. Show your fears who’s boss.

Stay here for another ten minutes. Will away your fears and stray thoughts in creative ways.

After ten minutes, either allow yourself to fall asleep, or open your eyes and smile.

Have a great morning, afternoon, and/or evening. Say a mantra if it makes you feel better.


4 thoughts on “Meditation Time

  1. Actually, yes, it does work for me. But only if I take the time to do it right. It helps if you actually have a meditation tape guiding you through each step, but it isn’t strictly necessary.

  2. Well, you’d best get started on recording yourself, so you can distribute it to all of us. Or we can all go together to a voice-enabled area, and do it live as a group, with you leading us.

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