A Festival to Truth, Honesty, and Honor…What a Concept!

I’ve been trying hard to take part in more Everwind activities of late. The followers of Castan have been patient, but it is up to me to come up with ideas for them, and I’ve been sorely lacking in leadership in this area.

My soul feels a bit clearer right now, however, and the time has come to take charge. I am trying to schedule a Castan meeting for Sunday. One of the things I want to come up with is a Castan festival where we honor our lion god. Castan, however, does not lend himself easily to this, as there aren’t really any American holidays where truth, honesty, and honor are celebrated. The big ones all fall short.

Christmas falls on a pagan holiday and is nowhere near the time of year that the non-secular events would have taken place. The secular version has Santa Clause, whom I would give anything to believe in again.

Easter has the same non-secular problems, and the secular Easter Bunny was never plausible enough for me really to believe in. The rabbit doesn’t really have a strong personality, and the reasons for his compulsion for hiding hard-boiled eggs dipped in dye have never been made entirely clear.

Thanksgiving is probably somewhat factually based, but it’s about being thankful and eating too much. Both of which are worthy goals, but there is really nothing about truth related to it.

Martin Luther King Junior’s Birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday are the closest I can come up with, but King had his mistresses, and Lincoln’s birthday has be linked with Washington’s birthday and a mish-mashed holiday called President’s day has come out of it. Lumping Lincoln with our other presidents, some of whom I suspect stated the truth as little as was humanly possible, sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

And there aren’t exactly any festivals associated with these day, anyway. They fall in January and February respectively, and it’s too freakin’ cold to even have a parade. A day off of work is the most that we get out of them, and that just doesn’t have the grandeur necessary for a honest, honorable lion who is second in command of the known universe.

The Princess suggested Veterans Day. This does share some of the principles in principle–it is dedicated to men and women who died fighting for something that they honored. But I don’t want a silly parade! Perhaps some kind of tribute to those who died for honorable reasons….hmmm…

Anyway, we have a lion whose color is gold and whose symbol is the flame of truth. He is the right hand of The One. The One is the creator of the universe and of all the other gods, and she just kind of hangs out in the background and lets whatever happen happen. So far the best I’ve come up with is a big bon-fire, perhaps roasting turkey legs, on some arbitrary day during the year. I’m hoping to find someone with a better idea.

My Castan clerical duties have been frustrating. I’ve been dealing with a woman who was pushed off a cliff and then kicked in the head by someone who used to be her friend. She’s recovered physically, but she’s a mental mess, especially since her betrothed disappeared about a month ago. Words are lost to her. There are some things that a cleric can’t heal. Some things can only be cured with love, friendship, and time. I fear that this woman may not have the strength to take the time necessary to heal. I am left feeling frustrated and helpless. Oh well. All I can do is all I can do.

Rest well everyone. I’ll see you at PHC tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “A Festival to Truth, Honesty, and Honor…What a Concept!

  1. How can you not believe in Santa???!!!! He’s everywhere!Perhaps you are searching for the wrong type of “truth”…“Reality is nothing buta construct of your mind –so drop illusion by the way,another myth to find…”

  2. How long till my soul gets it right?Can any human being ever reach that kind of light?I call on the resting soul of Galileoking of night vision, king of insightPerhaps February 15, Galileo’s birthday?

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