Sick Day

Today (er…yesterday) they sent my animator home because the people at work said it looked like he was about to die. Goody goody! His pain is my gain. I get to spend more time in world rather than hanging out in the dusty servers with only the Linden bugs to keep me company.

I started the evening by building an entry for the kiosk making contest that Virtual Parks and Recreation is having. For the first time I have made an attempt to use sculpted prims, and this only so that I could get under the severe prim limits without having something that looks retched. With the sculpties, I was able to reduce the prims on my object from 12 to 7, and thus, with the addition of the necessary signs and such, was able to make the entire thing for 10 prims. I shan’t divulge what it is I have built, for I am certain Parks and Rec spies are anxiously scanning blogs for clues as to how to better their opponents. There’s a L$5000 purse at stake, which could pay for a months tier with some change. That’s 11 Cataporter sales, and that quite simply does not happen.

I spent the rest of the evening working on finally putting my bar up for sale. I intend to sell all the components individually eventually, bur for right now I at least have the whole set available on SLExchange. It’s a nice bar set, but I may need to tweak the price down, like I did the ship’s wheel. There is no point of trying to sell something at a given price if no one wants to pay that much money for it. I didn’t sell a single pub at the original price I asked. Even now, at the very low price of L$60, I only have a trickle of sales for it. That’s at less than one third the original asking price. The Cataporter is just about half what I originally asked. Other items, like the tithing box, fly off the shelf at their list price. I could probably ask a bit more, but I won’t.

When I put the bar up in Ballyboo I ran out of prims. I deleted a snow drift and a cocktail shaker to fit it all in. Ballyboo is going to be a prim fight .

I often wonder if people who have similar or inferior products to mine that are higher priced actually sell any of their stuff. The original asking price of the Cataporter was a couple hundred less than other products that did less than what the Cataporter does. I sold one at that price. I started to get decent sales at the current price.

I sold a tremendous number of Turkey legs around Thanksgiving, but it happens to be a very seasonal product. I sold only one leg after black Friday. Maybe sales will pick up for Christmas, but I’m not holding my breath.

Well, that’s it for tonight. My animator is trying to doze again, as if he’s bored by my scintillating conversation. Oh well, the poor boy’s sick. I shan’t blame him this time. See y’all tomorrow. If I’m lucky, my animator will be deathly ill and I won’t be going back to work for a while.


One thought on “Sick Day

  1. hmmmmm… maybe SL needs a good pot of chicken soup… you might make some and share it with your animator. 🙂Please tell your animator I wish him well.

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