Family Ties

Well, this evening I learned that I’ve somehow gained three sisters-in-law and a mother-in-law. Princess never told me that she was Mykyl’s and Minerva’s and Hestia’s sister, and that Dulcinea was her mom. Kind of big details to omit. Not that I have a problem with it, but one does like to know who one’s family is, doesn’t one?

Well, it’s kinda nice to have family. I wonder if Alpha and Aianna and FD are cousins? I don’t know that I have a mother or father, or any brothers or sisters of my own. Second Life is like that. You don’t know who your family is until you meet them for the first time, sometimes.

I spent the day attending to details, mostly. I worked on a three colored spotlight for our holiday island. I reduced the price of the ship’s wheel from L$95 to L$60, as I haven’t sold a single copy as of yet. On the other hand, my L$20 towel dispenser has already sold one copy, and I just put it on the market yesterday.

I haven’t been Everwind-ing very much lately, which is a bad thing. I get great personal satisfaction out of being the Speaker for Castan. It is something that allows me to come into touch with myself, and to help others, and to get my own values centered. Plus I get to walk around in cool cloaks and stuff. There is much that comes along that makes me think about things. That’s the secret behind role-play. It is not the fact that you are talking to a dragon that is important. It is the fact that you are talking to a different conscious entity, learning his or her ways, adjusting to his or her values, learning to duck from his or her flames when he or she belches. It’s about learning and cooperation and problem solving. Sometimes, its about failing, and learning to move on.

Well, I don’t want to stay up too lat tonight. The Princess’s animator got mad at me ’cause I fell asleep with the laptop screen shining in her face, and I wouldn’t wake up to turn it off. Don’t want to repeat that.

So, goodnight, my family and friends. I’ll see many of you in the ‘morrow.


6 thoughts on “Family Ties

  1. That’s ok Alphonsus – I never realized it either until last night, just before Hestia and I started throwing snowballs at each other… 🙂

  2. In RL, your family is preselected by circumstance. But in SL, sometimes it takes a while to discover your family; the people you care about the most. You find them in the most unlikely places.

  3. Alphonsus:I don’t mind an extended family….in fact I welcome them. Those in SL are wonderful people and whomever might want to join my family is most welcome. I just learned about my family ties also…now the challenge will be to remember them all and to be able to recognize them.Dulcinea

  4. *smiles* … since I doubt LL will bother with extending that “Partner” field to include anything as useful as Father/Mother/Parents, Sister/Brother/Siblings, Blood-kin/Clan/whatever (although you can do something similar with Groups or in Picks, it’s not really the same as being able to navigate an actual _tree_ of avs, along with cute comments such as “Uncle Alphonsus drinks too much at Celebrations”, “Princess of the Realm – always impeccably dressed”, “Watch out for the Brat” etc X-), I wonder whether anyone has set up a “SL-tree” website to track families in SL… sounds like a business opportunity there ;-).It’s seems a logical progression, given the number of weddings (and wedding paraphernalia) springing up around the place… and as av personalities “mature”…

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