A Day Fortunately Not Crushed

Lately I’ve been doing all of my blog posting at night with a little laptop computer while my animator lay (lie?) in bed. As he is usually 9/10ths asleep when I make the entry, I always look forward to reading the post the next day to see what we actually wrote.

He didn’t quite make it last night. I wrote about 3 paragraphs full of random drivel about the Cataporter before sleep finally took him. He woke up at 5 am (because the cat was hungry) to find the Princess’s animator sleeping on top of the laptop. The laptop survived because the Princess’s animator is fortunately light of frame. In retrospect, it’s probably fortunate that he didn’t stay awake enough to press the send button, because the entry would have been deathly dull. So he’s sneaking some valuable and illegal work hours so that I can write up this entry.

I spent a good portion of my morning yesterday on Cataporter advertising stuff, and still have a quite a bit to do. I want to offer the solid gold version before the Christmas shopping season starts in full force. The Princess and I then spent a good amount of time looking at Christmas stuff. We found this wonderful little Christmas market place, with ice skating snowmen and singing penguins and trains and sleds and reindeer and just about everything else cool you could imagine. We ended up escaping from there without spending a linden because we had no place to put any of it. All of our land holdings are either in Ballyboo, where we are short on prims, and in our secret beach front, where we don’t actually have any “land”. It’s all water and all tropical. Snowmen would melt within minutes after they sunk to the bottom of the ocean. ‘Tis a muddle, but we will work out a solution.

I then spent almost an hour looking for the place from which we purchased the Astoria, so I could look at the more expensive versions and use them as inspiration to spiff up my own simple boat. I did buy a captain’s hat and a ship’s bell, but took pictures of the rest and have already made a fair amount of headway into making improvements. I bought a seagull that flies randomly and squawks occasionally. My only problem with him is that he is a bit two dimensional. If you look at him edge on he virtually disappears. We’ll need to stock our water with some fish (or throw some half-eaten junk food about) so that he can fatten up a bit.

Mykyl has taken up the challenge of re-centering herself, to which I can only smile and offer a steady hand. She seems to have been a bit wobbly of late, and I’m hoping she can settle enough to find where her actual center is.

Joy, love, light, seagulls, and french fries, everyone. Peace out.


2 thoughts on “A Day Fortunately Not Crushed

  1. My RL self has absolutely no recollection of sleeping atop the laptop, or of you moving her to rescue it. I’m sure it was funny, though! Usually you fall asleep flat on your back, with the computer on your chest. I don’t think it has ever ended up beneath us and the covers before.

  2. /me is not sure that she actually HAS a center – but the point of balance is not always in the middle of something… 🙂 Thank you sir for the encouragement…

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