When Metal Strings Strike the Soul

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Of all the pieces of music ever written, this is one is probably my favorite. To me it is perfect, everything a piece of music should be: poetic, haunting, balanced…something about the melody resonates in my head and my soul, whatever that is. I can’t listen to it without being awed by it.

It just started playing by accident when I plugged in my memory key into my laptop. For some reason, RealPlayer was the program that chose to play it. Annabelle the Sheep is dancing to it. A gopher has just passed under her legs and stuck its head up to listen for a bit before passing on to do more gopher related activities. A little flying saucer came up and shot her, but, while momentarily shocked, I appreciate her stamina to go right back to her dancing afterward.

It was for the sake of this piece of music that my real life animator took his one piano class in college. He never even got close to being able to play it, of course. The only pieces he learned to play were thirty-second ditties renowned for their extreme lack of renown. It is for the sake of this piece of music that he has continuously contemplated taking more serious lessons.

When I first met Catherine on that fateful day in Tyrol’s garden, I stood mesmerized by her piano playing. The friend who took me there promptly got bored and left, as was her nature, but I steadfastly refused to move anywhere until the concert was over. When she had finished her pre-selected pieces, she asked for requests. I was the first to respond with the Moonlight Sonata. She played it from memory, I believe, and as well as I’ve ever heard it played.

I don’t know what it is about that piece of music. I haven’t researched its history, its meaning, or anything about it. I’m kind of afraid to, because whatever meaning it has is special now to my own heart. I’m afraid to have my personal meaning tainted by reality in any way.

I’ve replayed the piece some six + time while writing this post. It moves me as much time number six as it did with each subsequent playing.

A perfect piece to relax to before going to sleep. Sleep well tonight my friends. May your dreams be full of music and dancing.


One thought on “When Metal Strings Strike the Soul

  1. Thank you sir – that was a beautiful post. I do not know what it is either – but there are several pieces of music that touch me that way – especially when Catherine plays them. 🙂

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