General Raam is dead…

The light mass bomb was launched, finally destroying the enemy stronghold. We’ve won a major battle, but the war rages on. If the Locusts would just tell us what this was all about, maybe we could strike a deal and live in peace.

Maybe it’ll happen, but there will be more bloodshed first. If we don’t continue the fight, humanity will all die. Until they talk, it’s them or us.

Hey, you know, I’m ready to listen any time.


6 thoughts on “General Raam is dead…

  1. Oh Thank you sir!I feel much safer now! 🙂You’re my hero!Don’t look now, but another invasion is on the way at your local video game store… :0

  2. Hey – wait just a second…. if your animator doesn’t have an evil side, how can he enjoy playing violent video games?

  3. There comes a time when a man / human must do what must be done to protect himself and his homeland from conquest. To take up arms under such circumstances is not “evil”. It is self defence. The challenge of effectively conducting this defence , in other words of preventing harm to my family, is what gives me pleasure…not the violence involved.I take no pleasure from killing, but I do what must be done. A man who fights a war effectively is not by definition, ‘evil’.

  4. I have no issue at all with the first paragraph there sir, but the second?I feel obligated to play devils advocate and point out that your animator initiates this particular invasion by turning on the XBox… you are defending your homeland from an enemy you yourself unleashed.

  5. Would you have me unprepared in the event of a real alien conquest attempt? This is HERO training!(And for what it’s worth, the game IS a bit violent for my tastes. It was given to me as a gift. Still, it is a game of defense, not a game of conquest. Games where one scores points for hurting innocent people (Grand Theft Auto?) turn my stomach. The Splinter Cell games are much more my speed, where you score the most points for getting through without killing ANYONE.)

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