The Voice of Joy

Are thinking and joy compatible? I sometimes wonder…

The answer is an obvious yes, but at the same time, I’ve come to realize that often thinking can get in the way of what our subconscious thinks is best for us.

Inside of us all, there is a little voice, hidden behind the conscious, hiding behind the layer that we sometimes think is the subconscious, and hidden even a couple of layers deeper than that. It is a voice based on love, and never on hatred or fear or acts of violence, either internal or external.

This voice knows the true difference between right and wrong. It is this voice which knows what our, “Best Self,” is. Some call it the voice of God. Some just say that it is a part of us. Perhaps there is no difference.

The point is that this voice is virtually impossible to hear, what with all the other negative thoughts fighting it out in our heads. To quiet our minds enough to be able to listen is the challenge. The next challenge is to use our conscious minds to evaluate the voice honestly. We can’t know when a negative thought can mimic the voice. We can’t know if the voice is considering all factors. But we can’t weed out the words to the extent that they carry no strength either. It comes to balance again.

I’ve been looking for this voice again lately. I used to listen to it all the time in the past…some of the happiest times of my life. The voice has drowned out by so much other drek lately. But I’m making the effort, and I think, or at least hope, that that is half the battle.


5 thoughts on “The Voice of Joy

  1. Can that voice be damaged beyond repair? Can life circumstances teach it a new language, so to speak? Can the human psyche be so damaged by its experiences that the original voice changes, or disappears? We learn it cannot be trusted, so we ignore it, or just can’t hear it anymore.Or is it still there somewhere underneath it all? Is the voice consistent, no matter what? I’d like to believe it is, but I really feel that it can be destroyed beyond recall, and all that we are is the damaged remains of what we once were. And somehow we have to accept that, and learn to live with less. Less joy. Less hope. Less confidence. We just learn to survive from one day to the next, and consider that to be an incredible accomplishment in itself. When taking that final assessment at the end of the day each night, just to be able to say, “I made it through one more day alive somehow” becomes the highest goal you can even consider. And that is what your life becomes condensed down to. And some days, even that is just too much to bear. And you have to learn to accept that all your great goals and plans for your life will never happen, and simply putting one foot in front of the other each day is the most you can hope to try to achieve.

  2. If it is truly the voice of God, than it obviously couldn’t be destroyed. If it is an internal voice, well, my inclination is to believe that it does stay consistent.However, if it can be damaged, “Beyond repair,” are not words I would be prepared to accept under any circumstances. If damageable at all, I would suspect that the voice could be wounded, perhaps made a bit timid, but the truth of its words would still remain unchanged. It is the surface fear that keeps us from even trying to listen. Trying to listen could be the first step toward healing. If we don’t try to listen, however, the chances of our hearing the voice, in whatever state, is much lower. Try to listen, and find out.

  3. What a wonderful Blog post but for some reason I keep seeing the green letters of Evil Alpha. Ask Alpha sometime to introduce you to evil Alpha:) LOL

  4. The green letters of evil Alpha? HAHAHAHA! Evil Catherine likes making green letters too. Oh but wait till you see those Giant Cyclops Pengi unleashed by Evil Catherine that go around chasing newbies and pushing them off skyboxes. *rubs hands gleefully* Nah. Just kidding.

  5. The voice of joy cannot be damaged beyond repair – it is there but like you said it can be dificult to hear sometimes. I does indeed get drowned out at times, but this is because we let it be so, or because we forget to listen.If you can’t hear it all the time, at least listen to it in little bits – when someone hugs you, when you see a beautiful flower, when you ride the cataporter… the joy is all around you – just listen carefully for it. 🙂

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