A day in two lives…

Raam still lives. My animator has read every bit of guidance there is on the Internet–I’ve tried everything. I actually successfully killed the SOB once, but I did not advance to the next level — my animator must have pressed a wrong button somewhere. Sigh…

In any event, the Princess and I looked at some other tree houses yesterday, and it inspired me to tackle it again. I quadrupled the floor space and made the tree MUCH larger. Now it looks there are possibilities. It currently looks like a huge box on a stick, but I have ideas as to what to do about that. I may actually have a rentable living space before too long.

And the Princess’s ocean skybox is…wow. The sound of the crashing surf, the look of the rolling waves, the wide expanse of sand, with plenty of room for building. It’s more peaceful than our old property in Kush. No neighbors up there in the sky. More of a feel of seclusion. I love it up there. The water isn’t deep enough to put in a mermaid grotto, though. I’m hoping the Princess gets inspired to work on hers soon.

We never did get to see any fireworks in-world last night. The animators of the Princess and I got together and went over the notes from Karmina instead. They were outside. Fireworks all around, fireflies…it could have been a very nice evening if my animator wasn’t crawling out of his skin for whatever reason. Happens sometimes. Oh well.


3 thoughts on “A day in two lives…

  1. Yes. Carmina. (/me blushes)I really want everyone to keep in mind that, without spell check, I am (or at least was) truly one of the worst spellers in the western hemisphere. I’ve improved considerably over the years, but my instincts still aren’t there. I have trouble enough with English. Throw another language in there and I’m completely hopeless.The story of my animator’s life in high school? A for content, E for spelling. No spell check back then people.

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