What do NORMAL people do in their spare time?

After being killed the 500th time by the evil General Raam (yes, I have graduated him to evil) in my alternate existence on the Xbox 360, I wandered back over to SL. I stayed up with alpha and FD until 2am, which was more than a little too late. We visited a wonder French cathedral, and then started to expound on the virtues of ancient pieces of computer equipment. It was only this morning, as my animator dragged his sleep deprived body to work that I began to wonder about the subjectiveness of addiction.

Why is it that some activities are considered normal and others are frowned upon? I’m not talking about alcohol or drugs, but rather activities generally considered “safe”, at least physically.

If my animator wasn’t playing the Xbox 360 or experiencing SL through my eyes, what would he be doing instead? Statistically, he would be watching television, an extremely passive media. However, my animator doesn’t even have cable access, and it would take him several minutes to figure out how to get the television to actually show a television show through the rabbit ears. He might also read a book (I don’t think there are too many people who consider “reading” to be an addiction). Again, however, it is a passive activity.

There exists a strong mental stimulation in Xbox games and in SL. Xbox games require strategy and problem solving. SL allows for creative expression and actual social interaction. From some viewpoints, this is a far better use of time than watching endless Simpsons reruns.

So, again, I come back to the definition that basically says that addictions are anything that prevents you from meeting social obligations. Writing, gardening, painting, playing music; any of these can be defined as addictions. Ironically, it takes addiction to excel at something. To excel at playing the piano, one generally has to be addicted to piano playing–an addiction I have been unable to cultivate. No one really gives a damn if Itzhak Perlman is addicted to playing the violin. It was that addiction that made him what he is.

So, again I a victim of a trying to make a point but having it wander randomly all over the screen, and now I am unable to find it. May all your addictions be happy ones.


4 thoughts on “What do NORMAL people do in their spare time?

  1. Woo Alphonsus! It’s so nice to read your blog.Some people would argue that reading is not a passive activity. I won’t start on that.Hey, I agree that being addicted to an activity helps one become an expert at it. Unfortunately it often leads to obsession.

  2. If you ever meet a “normal” person, please send them my way – I never have and would like to… 🙂When I consider some great musicians who were obsessed with thier music I have to stop and wonder what kind of “music” we can make with SL. There is a hint of it in Faeria, but there must be other forms it could take and different keys in which it could be played. If we are to be obsessed (and yes, I count myself in that “we”) would it not behoove us to try to write that symphony?

  3. A symphony made up of prims, particles, and textures…hmmm. The very thought is overwhelming. My mind leaps to the quote from the movie Amadeus.Emperor of Vienna: “There are too many notes”Mozart: “Too many notes? There are just as many notes as are required, neither more nor less.”Emperor of Vienna: “There are simply too many notes. Just cut a few and it’ll be perfect!”Mozart: “Which few did you have in mind majesty?”Well, we have SO many, “notes,” in SL to choose from. How will we ever decide which ones to use?

  4. I am so sorry if I kept you talking about old antiquette computer parts.I guess this is where balance comes in that Alpha is always preaching to the us about.We need to take care of ourselves and our meat selves to be best of our ablities so we can enjoy our pixelated adventures but its hard sometimes. Sometimes I just rather not deal with the real life crap too and create but doing that for hours and hours has consquences so I am striving for balance but its still hard.Anyway your friends care about you, including me which I hope is one of your friends I rather have you well rested for the next day then staying up late advising me what I should do with my old comodore 64 programs. So next time just say the Animator says No or as my boyfriend would joke the computer says No when he is copying the skit from Little Britan and go to bed. LOL

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