To fight, the invincible foe…

July promises to be a busy month, particularly with the impending release of the last Harry Potter book and events scheduled three days back-to-back for the Reader’s Garden. The Princess has been atwitter with all her promotion plans, and I stand idly by the side, eager to jump in to help but being altogether uncertain as to what help there is I can offer.

Independence Day is ready to explode on us on the 4th. My animator has, in the past, purchased fireworks (lame-o legal Michigan fireworks, but still), and has entertained the kids with them. But, with no kids to entertain this year, and not wanting to brave the crushing crowds of the firework shows, he has decided that it might be best for me to enjoy the 4th in-world on his behalf. He’s debating whether or not such an action would in itself be lame-o, but I am beside myself with hope. We shall see.

Mid-month brings my animator’s father-in-law, a week off of work, and, in then end, an entire house re-plumbed. Plumbing is an interesting concept, virtually unknown in my world.

In the mean time, the Princess and I have been discussing weekly exploration outings, where we take an evening to explore some of the more spectacular or interesting sites of our world. We thought perhaps of making our outing after PHC each month and inviting our friends to zap along, or perhaps to cycle a choice of venues between us all. There is so much to see here…so much to experience. We can even explore the sleazier sides of SL. No holds barred. Damn the torpedoes, etc.

My brain is stuck on the tree-house. No real creative juices flowing. I want to replace the hollow cube of the first floor with four walls for the sake of flexibility, but my grand schemes would turn out to be so prim heavy that I’m not sure that many sims could hold them. I keep turning away from learning sculpties, at least the more complex ones. The Princess thinks I need to make more furniture. She is almost certainly correct, but, after building the Cataporter™, mere furniture seems so…staid. I could work on variations of the Cataporter, or try to improve the physics to include the 3rd dimension…so many possibilities, so little time to do it.

And my animator has been frittering many hours on the last level of his Xbox 360 game, fighting and losing again and again to General Raam. The miserable SOB seems to be invincible. Yes, I know that he’s just doing his part to advance the cause of the locust horde, whatever that cause may be. And he might have friends and family whom he loves dearly and who love him. Still, he has killed a good many of my brothers with unnecessary brutality, and, alas, a soldier must do what a soldier must do. It’s too bad the Watermelon gun can’t be translated into that game…I’m quite certain it would help.


3 thoughts on “To fight, the invincible foe…

  1. Hey Alphonsus! If you’re looking for something to do on the 4th, why not go to Becky Rawley’s carnival at Stockton Springs? It will be great. I may be not be able to be there myself.It’s too bad that the watermelon gun CAN be translated into that game?

  2. Yes! Take the Princess and go to the carnival. I won’t be able to go, but Catherine and I went while she was building it – you’ll have fun there!

  3. The watermelon gun *can’t* be translated into the game…a typo that I’ve repaired. And we just may check out Stockton Springs. Thank you. 🙂

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