On Balance

Somehow, through all the trials and tribulations and ups and downs and my various soul crushing adventures of late, I dare hope that some sense of balance has finally emerged for my animator in SL.

He no longer feels the overwhelming urge to send me off in world during his every waking hour. He has found many adventures out in his real life (including choir, his new XBox 360, and a gradually increasing feeling that his house should be cleaned occasionally). While I feel somewhat bored hanging out in electromagnetic stasis at time, I do feel much better that he is doing much better.

The Princess’s animator has been quite animated in conversation of late, and the conversation has been more positive then negative, so this has been something of a relief for him as well.

As for me, well, my Cataporter(tm) sales have plateaued, as have the sales in the rest of my shops. I am temporarily blaming the inability of people to safely buy Lindens–this excuse will hold me for the moment. I have just begun work on a tree house. Thus far, I have a trunk and some branch stumps. I haven’t a clear plan as to what I really want to accomplish here, but clear planning has never really helped me before. I’ll just keep tossing prims around until I get something I like. I’m not in the least worried.

I am pleased as punch (an interesting cliche, that) that my friends seem to be doing better. I am relaxed and refreshed from my vacation from SL. Things are going reasonably well. I do look over my shoulder from time to time to see if I see another shoe falling, but nothing is on the horizon at the moment. Fate has got to run out of shoes sooner or later. In the mean time, I’ll keep plugging away, doing whatever it is that I do. It is, after all, what I do best.


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