A Tepid Bath


Somehow, the Memorial Day weekend came and went without pressing much excitement into my brain. Beyond the wild Faeria party on Friday where I demonstrated my shamelessness, the weekend was quite uneventful. I put some final tweaks on the Faeria pub, which is now on SLExchange — (Mykyl, I need to drop a copy on you so that people can see the correct version when they visit it in-world. Just record the exact position and rotation of the existing one, delete it, and rez the new one with the exact same position and rotation.) I made a friend happy by giving her a cat. I hosted a book discussion with five other people where only one person besides myself read the whole book through, and another managed to get through the first 3 chapters. I made some beautiful progress on the river in Princess Ivory’s Dream. I attended a Catherine Moody concert.

And all these are good things, to be sure. But they just don’t seem to be the stuff that dreams are made of. I’m just not quite sure what my purpose is at the moment. The Reader’s Garden is functioning smoothly. The Book Flower’s need no real tweaking anymore…they are now self-weeding. The property the Princess has purchased is imposing to me. We are trying to sell our Kush land, but are held waiting on a response from a friend. Despite all of our land I am homeless…I actually rezzed a freebie prefab house with a single freebie, prefab bed to sleep in one night; only to delete it all the following morning. The Princess never seems to sleep…I’m always tired.

And I am faced with the question of what do I/we want to DO with all this land. I want a sky box in which to build…where should it float? What do I build when I get there? When am I going to teach myself sculpties? What will I do with them when I learn?

So, again, sigh.

My blood just is not running hot at the moment…more like lukewarm bathwater. And the soap is foaming up my brain.

Well, anyway, this will be a short week for my animator at work. He goes to choir practice this evening, and then he and his wife are going on a road trip to Niagara Falls this upcoming weekend. Half a day on Thursday, and all day Friday off. No work again until the following Tuesday. A much needed break, in my opinion. If he ends up being the only base in the choir, so be it. The trip is only marginally about singing, anyway.

So, another rambling post…but a post nonetheless.


One thought on “A Tepid Bath

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