Warming the numbed mind…

Well, my animator got on the scale this morning, and did not like the results in the least little bit. It was a step in his general campaign to get his life back under control. Stress and nervous pressure manefest themselves in him through the cosumption of mass quanitities of food. As a result, he now has been having an ever more difficult time buttoning his trowsers. The time has clearly arrived for him to bite the bullet instead of the burger.

I have little advice to give him, as I have never had a weight problem, and only rarely do I feel the desire to even eat food. What’s more, even if I did eat, I suspect that I could eat as much as I want without gaining an ounce.

Mail must be sent, basements cleaned, lawns mowed, pipes measured…

And somehow, through all this, he must find a way to help me through all of the Faeria / Reader’s Garden / Princess’s Dream / Lake Wobegon projects.

A lot of work, but somehow both of our minds feel less numb, and more able to cope. Perhaps it is the feel of the approaching summer, with the solar rays penetrating my animators skull. No matter. Things are getting done, and I feel good about it.


2 thoughts on “Warming the numbed mind…

  1. I note that in the list of projects, there is nothing there specifically listing Alphonsus – what are your dreams sir? Please don’t spend so much time helping with mine that you forget your own……and thanks for chasing me away to the ballet last night – it was an incredible experience.

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