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I have not spent a great deal of time writing in my blog of late, and I find myself now stretching my mind to find the reasons for this. I have been active in SL–as active as I have ever been. I’ve been building nice little pieces of furniture on Renaissance Island, and am quite comfortable with the small profits from my sales there. My little shoppe will never make me rich, but it is enough to make me feel less bad about spending Lindens on the fun and the frivolous.

In general, I am feeling lazier toward virtually all activities these days. I feel no great, creative spark driving me. I feel no great joy, nor great pain, nor even a general sense of numbness. In stark simplicity, I have not been blogging because right now I have little to say. While this has not stopped me in the past, my general laziness toward all things has extended into this medium. How much excitement can there be in a report that I have built an awl, a mallet, and an axe? True, it is of some interest that Catherine has found a way to turn me into a walking ethanol molecule, and that we were visited by several large, tentacled things from the group cybersex-something, but it has reached the point where such transformations and materializations have become rather blasé, so common place that they are.

That I am loosing the spark of wonder at this world is causing my animator to feel that he needs to spend a bit more time in reality and suffer its inconveniences, such as the necessity of eating and–shudder–travel.

Or is it that my inability to find the spark is just another symptom of my laziness–the unwillingness to think too hard. No matter. I have doubt that it is a temporary condition, and that one day I will soon return to my semi-more energetic, semi-less lazy self.


2 thoughts on “2Blog | ~2Blog

  1. /me wonders how goes the painting?/me also points to Saturday Night in Faeria, and wonders if Alphonsus tried sitting in the campfire to get a little spark…. 🙂

  2. /me giggles, and wonders whether that “walking ethanol molecule” had a white ponytail attached to it or not :P.Also, if you are looking for that Spark, try spending a little more time over at the Brotherhood with FD… (^_-)

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