Comfortably Uncertain

It has been a quite the trip the last week, riding the rocky cliffs of chaos that is the barrier between SL and RL. I have watched friends take turns holding each other up as they trip over the rough terrain. I have watched grand renaissance dreams disappear in a puff of smoke and then reappear without fanfare, and I have seen the relief and pain caused thereof. I have seen the walls of an entire land, indeed, the land itself, become as insubstantial as a cloud. I have seen the Lindens bestow the miracle called justice and fairness, and share in the joy felt by the wonderful person who’s dream can now be better realized.

I have held back on commenting during this turmoil…my own head too filled with confusion to be able to voice my thoughts in any coherent fashion. My thoughts are no less confused, but at this point I no longer am worried about maintaining coherency. I feel the urge to write again, and I’ll leave it to the reader to unwrap my random ramblings.

Somehow, through the confusion, I have found myself becoming more comfortable in my own pixilated skin. This strange world no longer feels so strange…I’m beginning to feel that I belong here…that I know what to expect. The physics of this world are my physics. This world, crazy as it is, is the world I was born to live in. My fellow Avi’s, on the other hand, are as unique, chaotic, and beautiful as ever, and I am quite sure that I will never quite know what to expect from them. Brie, Cathy, Mykyl, Rocky, Cindy, Lina, Twill, FD, An, my Princess bride, and the mysterious Minerva, and a dozen or so others: all of these friends add to the bubbling, complex flavor of this world…a flavor which changes with every bite.

Chaos continues to reign. Complexity is a natural state of being. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am damned sure that I do not currently expect it. To live with uncertainty is the only way to live, for, as says the Chinese proverb, while to be uncertain is uncomfortable, being certain is ridiculous.


One thought on “Comfortably Uncertain

  1. The banquet table is indeed heavily laden, is it not? We must be somewhat cautious that we do not become overweight, but experience beckons – would you please pass the cream sauce?

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