The Gift of Lag

While at choir yesterday, my animator tried to bring out the Alphonsus Peck in him, and found that, despite the best of his efforts, he could not.

The real world is full words and sounds and, well, reality. Despite how much we comment on the speed of SL, this land has one gift that the real world sometimes lacks…lag.

Most particullary it is the lag of words that makes the difference. In Second Life, there is an opportunity to reflect a few moments before one has to say anything…the opportunity to re-read what has been said and search for deeper meanings…even the opportunity to comment on something stated in passing several minutes previous, because of the magic of history. Words do not bump or crowd against themselves. This is why some of us think better in Second Life, and can be better in Second Life.

This is not an excuse for my animator…to reach his potential, learning to listen, pause, reflect, and then respond is a requirement. Also required is for my animator not to limit his potential, and to strive to attain that better self that he so wishes to be, and is so pleased that I, Alphonsus has been able to find to a degree.


One thought on “The Gift of Lag

  1. 🙂As I discovered last night though, it is still entirely possible in SL to stick ones foot in ones mouth all the way up to at least the joint of the knee…

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