A Weekend Away

My animator and his wife plan to travel this weekend, so I expect to spend much of the time sleeping the cybernetic sleep of avatars when their animators aren’t around.

This means, alas, that I will not be able to spend time with my friends, and this will trouble my dreams to no end. I have come so much to enjoy the company of the good people here, and find myself craving it while my animator slaves away at whatever it is he does all day. I’ve never considered myself a social butterfly before, but I’ve found that I become distressed and restless when I’m by myself. Other people anchor me, and set my soul at ease. Perhaps it is a cry for validation, but validation is not a bad thing. We all are, after all, valid. Some of us need more reminders of this fact than others.

Still, I feel that it is necessary for my animator and his wife to spend more time away from their computers. The Princess’s animator, in particular, has been causing me worry. She sleeps too little lately, drinks a bit too many caffeinated beverages, and is going to bed far too late for my tastes. My own animator could use more rest himself, and needs to spend more time dealing with his own life and less time dealing with mine. Balance, sir. Balance. I will miss my friends, true, but I’ve come to trust the truth of the friendships, and know they will be here when you choose to awaken me.

I spent much of the evening listening to Catherine practice on her guitar, and then shared in the delight of Mykyl’s statue, which now rests in our sandbox. If only I could find a way to kidnap it. I later hung out in a jazz club with some of Brielle’s friends, while the Princess spent the night preparing her rental properties.

My animator’s stomach is churning right now from an overabundance of poor diet, another thing that needs correction. The roughly drafted painting nags at him. He hopes to purchase some art supplies over the weekend. Mykyl’s little nudge of a comment has inspired him to try oils…there are some that dry quite rapidly now and the prices are compatible with acrylics. He needs paints, some kind of cleaning solvent, an easel, a smock, and perhaps a canvas, depending on whether he chooses to try to paint over his unfinished salt and pepper shaker work. He needs to check on the condition of his palette and brushes. Art can become quite an expensive hobby for those who don’t use free prims to create it.

When I do return in world, I think I will spend more time with the Brotherhood. It is a company of good ideas and high motivation, which I have been lacking of late. I find it lonely to build in isolation, and I have thus been avoiding it. I’m hoping to help out in some projects that need doing…training my own mind while helping out others is win/win, and it will perhaps inspire me to lesser levels of slothfulness.


One thought on “A Weekend Away

  1. Ah, sir – it brings me such joy to see my seeds sprout! Enjoy your weekend, and rest assured that we will be eagerly awaiting your return. 🙂 (unfortunately, I’m going to have to steal my Unicorn back from you this evening – but you are most welcome to visit Faeria at any time – he will be by the TP pad … if he fits…)

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