Exhaustion and Adventure

My animator has been pulling out his few remaining hairs trying to launch word processing in his library at work, and thus has been letting me play all night…something about which I have few complaints. I’ve danced with Brielle and have hung out with some of her friends, swam and shopped with Mykyl and the Princess (obtaining some boffo new clothes in the process), built a couple of simple bridges, decorated our house (at long last), and attended a couple of jazz concerts with some other excellent performers (none brought me the joy that Catherine’s performances bring me, however). Mykyl and the Princess have been spending more time together, and I really enjoy watching their friendship blossom.

I also attended a Stephen King book discussion, which I had little hope of enjoying in that I don’t read Stephen King. I am not a horror book fan, and cringe at the thought of innocent people getting hurt. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion, as it diverted to the definition of evil, and some people who are considered evil are just attention seekers. I tossed in a comment here about “griefers,” which, for better or for worse (better from my point of view), changed the entire course of the discussion. We started philosophizing about the motivation of griefers and their ilk, which put me into very comfortable ground. In general, I had a wonderful time.

I visited FD and Catherine one evening, who were busy cleaning up shop in a Brother’s sandbox. I am a trifle concerned by Catherine’s sudden obsession with earning money. While I don’t hold that money is the root of all evil, nor even that the love of money, more correctly, is at the root, I do hold that obsession of the obtaining of cash can lead to an unbalanced life. I trust, however, that Catherine knows what she is doing, and I certainly can’t fault her creativity…the way she has trained Daisy is astonishing. Her vigor has left me feeling guilty. I should be learning more scripting. Still, my animator is not ready to relinquish my playtime just yet.

The animators’ of both the Princess and myself have recently obtained hardware upgrades for their computers, making our lives much less choppy and considerably more beautiful. I now can experience the great pleasure of watching the reflection of the sun on the rippling water as it sets, and to dancing with smooth grace instead of my previous Frankenstein-like choppiness. The difference in quality has been amazing.

Nothing deep and insightful in this post. Just an update, and an effort to keep my hand in.


One thought on “Exhaustion and Adventure

  1. It has not been all play, sir. I was the recipient of some excellent moral support from you last night – and you never even brought out Pengi… 🙂

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