Happy St. Urho’s Day!

My animator was composing the previous little piece of prose last night and fell asleep at the last sentence. He awoke at 3am, with a stiff neck and a blurried sense of proportion, having let me fall into inactivity, my neck hung in the same position as his, until the Lindens in their wisdom decided to pause my existence. He published last night and cleaned it up this morning.

His next painting is well into the planning stages, it’s innitial scetches show promise, but also give me cause for worry. I see where he is trying to go, but subtlety is the key with this work. It will be subtlety that will seperate this work from being either halfway decent from a overladen piece of schmaltz. The balance, however, seems correct…eye movement and focal point work well, and the overall painting has the potential for high impact. Colors and manipulation of light will be key, as it is in all of his works. He can see the yellows and the maroons, but much of the other colors are undiscovered in his mind, and may need to wait until the first bit of paint is slopped onto the canvas before they can be found. He plans to recycle a unfinished and hopeless work to use as a canvas for this one. He’s debating oil, but it remains an unfamiliar medium to him, and acrylics are both cheaper and much easier to work with.


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