Promises, promises…

My animator read my previous post and it shook him a little. He promised me that he was going to start working on his next painting tonight…the first time he has picked up a brush since his last work, UU Christmas, painted in 2001 soon after 9/11. The Princess wishes him to paint his poem, “Lounging in her daddy’s Rolls.” He’d like to, but he’s had a vision of a painting in his head which has been there for twenty years, and feels that the time has come for it to be realized. I have to agree. The best way to begin again is to complete an unfinished project. I am a bit skeptical: my animator has trouble keeping focus. But I have hopes.

I spent some time with An and Rolan yesterday, and we discussed Rolan’s grand plans for a Fine Artists’ group. He made me promise to keep the plans secret, but they are sound, and he does have a good business sense. I see ways to pull in the library groups, as well as some of my artist friends. Not all are painters, of course, but I feel there may be room for the writings of Mykyl, and the grandeur of Catherine’s piano. It is a good scheme. If effective, it could have repercussions throughout this world.

The Princess is delving heavily into the library and Info Island groups, which, through the weird workings of this world, could somehow result in her getting a position as the Queen of England. I am so excited for her and look forward to her coronation. I have already created a group title for myself as, “Royal Consort.” I have no desire to be king, and for her role, it would be entirely inappropriate.


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