In God’s Name

Excerpt from the never-to-be-published book, Of Cabbages and Kings. Chapter 29. Satan talking to God in the doughnut shop after they got that Armegeddon business out of the way.

“And speaking of names, look at you, you holy bastard. Mr. Yahweyjahovasomething-what’s-his-name? What is this Y.H.W.H. bullshit? As if humanity doesn’t have enough problems without giving them a name for God that they can’t even fucking pronounce! All of my names at least had some bloody vowels in them.”


2 thoughts on “In God’s Name

  1. Many of the ancient gnostics held that this was done to hide the fact that the Hebrews were worshipping the God of War, who’s name could be spelled the same way as the “good” God if you took out the vowels. This is also borne up by the fact that both “Satan” and “Jesus” were referred to as “Lucifer” (bringer of light) in the early Greek translations of the bible. Jesus also told people several times that they were worshipping the wrong god.

  2. Interesting information. I assumed that God’s name was born from the fact that ancient writing frequently did not use vowels. I also didn’t know that about Jesus being referred to as Lucifer. I had heard that Lucifer was the name of a rather foolish ancient king whom was referred to rather poetically in the Bible, and that Satan (Samael ha-satan, or Samael the challenger, in the never-to-be-published book) was given the name Lucifer through a simple misreading of the Bible.

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