Second Life / Second Chance.

In the last month, I have spoken with multiple brilliant, friendly philosophers, sold two Saunas, and sold four copies of paintings that have been sitting in my home gathering dust (not even room in my little RL house to hang them on the walls), listened to some outstanding live performances, built and torn down a house, attended a poetry reading, saved a friend from a sexual predator, and have been given a plot of land in Cybrary City II for no charge to explore my vision of a Reader’s Garden.

On of my neighbors, An Eon, is a professional artist in RL. She saw samples of two of my paintings and showed them to a gallery owner, who said that I should give up writing because I can tell a story better through my art.

So, wow!

I am yanked in a thousand different directions at once. Fixing Saunas, uploading more art, building our Reader’s Garden, shopping, attending concerts and fireworks displays and meetings and classes. I’ve spoken to both dogs and cats and received very reasoned responses. I’ve flown on a dragon, a cow, and a penguin. I’ve fallen with my friends from 4000 meters without a parachute.

How can Real Life even begin to compare to this? I would never have had these experiences, and felt this validated, in all the years remaining to me as an oxygen breathing entity. All of this in one month. I’ve barely even begun to live. I am trying to build a Second Lifetime of experiences in a few days.

It’s gradually destroying my first life. I can’t let that happen. My first life pays for the computer access.


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