A transition of soul between two worlds

What is it about this place? Why is it so all-consuming to me? This fantasy world is slowly sucking my real-life alter-ego’s soul out through his computer keyboard. Can a spirit be “rezzed” in an imaginary land? If so, where does that spirit go when the land is down.

Is it a hope for recognition? For hope of being given the opportunity to share my alter ego’s thoughts and perspectives and dreams, because in the place where he lives, his thoughts and perspectives and dreams are ignored? Here I feel I can reach out and touch the souls of others, at least that part of the soul that has been passed into this land. I have seen things, met people, and had experiences in my relatively short existence that my real-life self has not been blessed with his entire life.

I feel strongest as Alphonsus Peck, the wise man. It is this persona that is so rare in SL. I have seen people who have chosen to be fantasy selves — furries, dragons, children, other genders — but even so, I have never seen another person here who has chosen simply to make his hair gray. Almost everyone here seems about 25 in rl years…I suspect that in my aspect as the wise man that I am one of the few who has actually chosen to appear older than his rl age. It helps me “feel” the role that I play…this aspect of my rl self that so wants to share what he has learned with others.


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