My Introduction post. Hi there.

This is the posting place for the fictional character Alphonsus Peck, librarian in Second Life. In addition to my exalted profession, I am a philosopher, prim builder, artist, poet, writer, High Priest of the Primarian Church, computer programmer, reader, and all around nice guy.

It should be quite clear from the above that I am also unable to focus on things for great lengths of time, which makes me a jack of all arts, master of none.

I suspect that there will be little comment on my postings here, and I am uncertain how long I will be able to maintain a concentrated interest in this blog. It’s okay. I’ll share what I can, while I can, casting my quiet bytes to the vast sea of the web….

If a fictional character cries out in cyberspace and no one is there to hear him, does he really exist?


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